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The human’s mind is not static for a purpose, so is Exuus! With an insatiable spirit,
we strive to always set the trend in all markets we set our foot in.


Welcome to exuus

Values we consider the core essence of our existence.


For us impossible doesn’t exist in our vocabulary, we create your way to the optimal satisfaction for your business and your clients.


Too complex yet simple...that’s our mark on every product we develop! Life is already too complicated to even make it more complicated.


Detail oriented always! We’ll never tell you we’re consistent…you will see us!



We do not settle! We evolve with our mind’s limitless magic.


With cutting edge technology, we make sure even the smallest detail of a complex system is built with undivided attention to achieve the uncompromised perfection.

Content based

Dedicated to redefine content creation for web based platforms in Rwanda and Africa at large. Exuus is making a huge investment in content development to innovate lifestyles and excite users from all walks of life.

Who we are

Exuus inspires and enables businesses to achieve their optimal satisfaction by positively impacting the future through a deeper strategic, geographic and environmental friendly understanding of the changing world around them. We endeavor to create products that are the ideal in every possible way. Products that excites, easy to use, and powerful.

The same passion for innovation translates into how we mind about environmental responsibility as a company but we also provide environmental friendly advices to our clients in all sectors.

We are good at

Remote Sensing

What we do


We offer services in the framework of GIS (Geographic Information System) and Remote Sensing with a wide variety of applications including: land management, crop monitoring, weather forecast, mapping, surveys, urban development, mining, photogrammetry, etc.

Software Development

We also offer tailored enterprise solutions, whereby we build systems or applications (both web and mobile based) that help our customers to be more efficient, fast, reliable and secured in their daily businesses.

Kigali : +250 785 489 992


Gasabo District,
-1.936341,30.082810 , KG 578 St
Kigali - Rwanda

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